Missing the point.

Cutthroat Clarato Anubia

You are one of the reasons people are leaving the game love. It wasnt a brag - it was pre-empting the ridiculous comments which were surely to follow from those like yourself. I doubt very much that Alarius and Ayiana keep 24 hour watch on their citizens and would have thought that perhaps if the kid was lying unconscious and unable to yell, that one of you would have moved him, spat some stagii at him and sent him on his way. I actually might have known it would have been you who took his stuff. A

s for your issue with Sajora, having spoken to her about it I believe the only reason shes on your list of people you dislike is because she beats you up. In fact she and some of the other fighters of your standard refer to YOU as a coward. You've missed the point entirely re the challenges dear. Or chosen to ignore it - one of the two.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Midwinter, in the year 1296.