and Parrius and Mercinae.

Anubiato Cutthroat Clara

I do not usually post, I find my slum and sewers entertaining enough, but it is time to end the whining coming from the same people once and for all.

You are right Parrians and Mercinaens things are tough. They are tough because none of you ever try to better yourselves, instead you think you can post here about how bad you are and everything is wiped clean. You have people like Clara logging on and posting... no... practically BRAGGING about how she is only a mediocre fighter, as if it's something to be proud of.

Not a single one of you know how to handle a fight beyond your repeated one or two commands unless your hand is held by Sajora, who on every account has left you all for dead to save her own hair, yet you still want to call her your leader and use her as your benchmark. Where is she if not hiding in her patrons realm or behind the huorns? She is not by your side that is for sure.

Wilder I feel sorry for you. You were unconscious for a considerable amount of time whilst Alarius and Ayiana did absolutely nothing but watch. Ayiana hiding in her tree true to form preparing her whine, and Alarius hiding in the stars as he only knows how. I will recompensate Wilder for his suffering with a badge he can wear, it will say \"Trust not my citizens for they are incompetent, I must learn without them or suffer because of them\".

Grow up Clara, wake up Parrius, and Mercinae... give up until you no longer need Parrians to vent on the board on your behalf, especially when it's done by a coward.

You jokes. You disgusting people.

Slumdog Anubia.

Written by my hand on the 13th of Midwinter, in the year 1296.