Sad state of affairs. .

Cutthroat Clarato Everyone

So I'm sure after I post this there will be a run of replys - bla bla you're crying, bla bla shit fighter so I'll just confirm that yes, I am at best, a mediocre fighter, however, I enjoy challenges, I enjoy team fights and I enjoy gemquests as well as many many other features of the lands.

Tonight what I witnessed actually sickened me. I realise that sometimes folk don't realise theres a challenge going on and accidents happen but two players who both want to fight and learned issued challenges to each other. Someone who who I don't believe for a second didn't see the challenges being issued, piled on in and shipped one of them. He shipped, didn't complain and reissued, then a few seconds later, in piles the first dudes buddy to ship him.

Cities will bear animosity towards each other - its part of the game but that is an absolute disgrace. When I was small the \"bad guys\" were the likes of Esprii and Trakea but these players had honour and recognised that a challenge is a challenge. They also recognised that a new player is a new player and I realise the concept of juniors might not be familiar to all of you but my second complaint is that a kid the other night happened to walk into mage rits and demons - he didnt attack them, he walke

d past. Fair enough - shit happens and these things will hit everyone HOWEVER he then had his pack stolen.

Its time for this shit to stop before, as I've said before, you are all running around as the winners of an empty game.


Written by my hand on the 3rd of Midwinter, in the year 1296.