Archmage Ketch Aramborto Everyone

Maybe I am from a different time. Maybe my memories are wrong. But what happened to the individual combat? Where is the toe-to-toe fighting that can last an hour constantly swaying back and forth to who might win? When did it become the norm to continually and without moderation do combat in uneven odds and numbers?

I can see that when an enemy of your city comes to town, everyone falls on them and destroys the trespasser. As Justice Minister of Mercinae, I encourage this in my citizenry! But I expect of my fellow citizens to respect this in only city defense. What I cannot fathom as acceptable is the 3, 4, 5 combatants who will go after a single person, and do it repeatedly. Yet I see this every single day. Have the fighters of Avalon become so pitiful? Am I alone in that I get no enjoyment from such wonton and p

ointless slaughter? I fight to defend my city and even more because I enjoy the combat. Immensely. I enjoy it when I actually have a hope of winning out, irrelevant of how slim the odds. I do not, no, cannot enjoy the continual overpowering slaughter of a mass of opponents at once.

Regardless of this, I will endure. I do not hold Divine Protection. I will laugh at you, I will curse you, and I will persevere.

- Ketch Arambor

Written by my hand on the 30th of Midwinter, in the year 1293.