Lag Issues - Info Gathering.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

We've done a bit of looking into the lag issues for a number of you, and

it LOOKS like we've pinpointed the problem to a handful of router nodes

with Avalon's internet service provider. New nodes it looks like. Most

of the net, there's nothing we can do about lag as its run by

companies beyond our ability to complain -- but anything listed

\"networklayer\" is our ISP so we have options... the worst is where a

problem is beyond our reach but if it's Avalon server or, as in this case,

Avalon's internet provider \"networklayer\" we CAN look to batter them 'til

the problem is resolved.

What would be helpful, therefore, is any of you who're experiencing

problem lag and know how to run a TRACEROUTE from your home computer

to Avalon's server - do so, at various times, and log the results. Then

when you've gotten a half dozen examples, talk to me and I'll tell

you where to send it. This way we can build up a body of evidence about

the lag and get these problem router nodes cut loose from any and all

inbound connections to Avalon.

If anyone has questions about how any of this works, ask me by all

means and check out HELP LAG and HELP PING.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Paglost, in the year 1292.