Mohrion, the Fifth Elementto Cutthroat Clara

I don't need to be completely active to make observations. I can simply

enter the land and be issued challenges and receive taunts from silly

little Rangers trying to act tough. My history qualifies me to post about

anything I please. You on the other hand have been useless your entire

pathetic life and will continue to be so despite your best efforts. As

for the warfare system, well, I think my prowess has been demonstrated

on several occasions and I do believe I was a finalist in the Battle

Isle quest that never completely came to fruition. Oh and

don't worry too much. Once the specialisations have worked themselves out

and have been balanced, we won't have to worry about Sajora's constant

bullshit because she'll be beaten into submission and will leave the

land yet again.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Midsummer, in the year 1290.