And another thing...

El Salvador, Captain-Commanderto Renji

Actually it was while Narissa was Princess that Thakria made big campaigns and took chunks out of Mercinae and Springdale borders.

Warfare was disabled some time in 2008 if I recall - Narissa was Princess well before that.

Arguing that the old system worked is pointless and wrong. Here are a few reasons why:

- A legion would only listen to one person and it took hours to reorganise them to listen to someone else if that person had to go.

- Player vs player combat was the absolute deciding factor in whether or not you could march.

- Due to a lack of ranged attacks it was possible (and Narissa did this) to do the calculations and ultimately make your SOI battles impossible to lose.

It sounds to me that your complaint is that cities can destroyed. It takes a gargantuan effort to conquer a city. It takes far LESS effort to defend a city against invasion.

In the case of Springdale, it's not often that I agree with something Thakria does but I will point out that the reason Springdale fell was not because of there being nobody interested in warfare, but because of complacency and laziness from its leadership.

Not interested in warfare? Fine, but don't cry about cities being destroyed when that situation is incredibly easier to avoid than it is to bring about.


Written by my hand on the 7th of Springflower, in the year 1290.