Re: Achelous picking up Essence.

Blackbeard Serephimato Athenia (in the fog)


Just to clear the facts on the supposed \"bug\" of Achelous picking up essence. I did not think it was a bug, I claimed that based on the timing in which a number of coms that got picked up while I was in a barracks, and the timing in which a legion had just finished depositing them onto the ground, was too perfect for it to not have been done without some method of watching me and my actions or even my location.

I assumed it something that he could do as the High Priest in my order. I never claimed it a bug, I have no proof that he actually was able to watch my actions or screen. However, I chose to take the precautions in case it was, thus leaving my order. Xanthe has since made it clear that I was wrng in doubting her choice of HP and any abuse to order commands granted to him. It is my burdon to know that I left her order (one that I did truly want to be part of) over my ever growing paranoia.

In all honesty, things are constantly being hammered out, it's hard to claim something is being intentionally used as a bug to gain upper hands and so I try to shy away from it. I've found Genesis will correct problems when they are bugs. There's no point in calling folks out as cheaters for making things work in ways that are available to them. If it's a bug and a mistake, then it gets corrected in some way.


Written by my hand on the 20th of Springflower, in the year 1288.