El Salvador, The Commanderto Athenia (in the fog)

'No, you couldn't manage to march a legio n to do it' (sic)

As I recall, (and I was there in person not in fog), the immediate Thakrian reaction to my attacking your troops with ours (10,000 Parrians attacking 8500 Thakrians I believe), was to retreat the troops as quickly as possible, and...surprise surprise... beg Lamothe to bring huorns to deal with it.

Parrius did not use huorns in that battle until Lamothe brought hers and was proven too moronic to actually use them. The troops you brought to deal with the situation were irrelevant because all they did was march and/or hide.

I was quite keen for a troop battle although I confess I was expecting to get bored by Thakria going around in circles like the last time we engaged. Instead, Thakria attempted (and failed fantastically) to take the easy way out.

What a shame it took 18,000 troop losses to show the world that Lamothe is an air-headed sheep.


Written by my hand on the 19th of Springflower, in the year 1288.