Unless you were floating around as a fog I'm pretty sure you weren't there that night and have no clue what I was planning on doing that night and your speculations are pretty far off base. But again you were never known for being the smart one around these parts.

You read my post before it got deleted and I mentioned that Huorns are overpowered and Im fine with the changes. Any new thing put into the game tends to be overly abused (like your ranking on the combat list) You sure seemed to get pretty high up in only a year. That's a lot of baby killing.

I'm not a fan of abusing bugs. There was a time where sylvan lashing was an insta kill and all the trees hit everyone at once. I pointed it out to Genesis and got yelled at by my fellow rangers because they didnt have a chance to at least abuse it a bit before it got properly nerfed.

Also mistress of intellect I'll point out a couple more factual errors on your part but I'm sure you will be too dim to understand them.

Forest burning and ent slaying was started by Malovas before I took revenge on Thakria.

Turning locations into a forest is not a bug. I did it so animists would have an easier time tagging all you lovely forest burners.

You are a terrible fighter :D and there is a reason you hide in the fog when big people are on. Carry on being dim!

Written by my hand on the 17th of Springflower, in the year 1288.