Pew pew or QQ.

Sajora, Forever of the Dawnto Everyone

It's that time of the week for another post where I complain about something. Today is the lack of proper role models in Thakria.

Before there used to be unspoken rules of conduct for not being an utter loser or you would be shamed by your superiors. As much as I hated Thakria back then and of course they had their own set of cheap maneuvers they would never stoop to these basic maneuvers to avoid a fight which seem to be common place right now.

BBing during a fight.

Thanks to master coward Achealous this has sense been fixed but he would actually turn into a ghost, hit the bb, and wait right before he went in to unghost. What is lr melt to the pool not good enough anymore?

Keeping a coffin in a temple.

This one is for Malovas. The second he is attacked he ghosts and goes straight to a coffin in a temple hoping for the divine to fight his fights for him or to use that as a safe zone. Is there anything wrong with keeping a coffin somewhere else so you don't bring your fights to holy ground? Also guilty of bbing during a fight. The temples of my order are NOT protected by my patron to avoid temple squatting abuses such as this.

QQing during a fight or to avoid a ship.

I have experienced this twice in the last week. The suicide option exists incase your being stripped in case you can't escape. However in a normal fight losing a fraction of exp and getting DP so you can idle to your hearts content is too horrible so you rather just quit and look like a bigger fool then actually learn how to perhaps...I don't know... Pent? Eat a pill? Use quarri? Gate to a city mate? Actually use your skillset and learn how to not die rather then quitting? Honestly? I understand rolepl

aying the cowardly cad but this goes beyond roleplay to just being a cowardly cad period.

I also have seen (This goes to silverfalls Cyric) quit because he couldn't get a res from an animist and shipping was just too much of a hassle.

Thakria you are sadly failing in proper evil role models. Zooka has his heart in the right place but sadly his inspiration isn't enough to get enough of you to follow suit. When Silverfalls is showing you up in evil and clever uses for their skills then please just go eat a jegga and find a quiet corner to die.

I know it seems Thakria is run right now by the ideals of Parallax (shudder) where the I'm going to take my ball and go home if I can't win with a warlock sorcerer absolve team on a lw (Athenia and Cergaro teaming the mighty LW Pandemonium with a combo) but you can do better. I plead to any active divine in Thakria to hold that city to a higher standard because they are failing in holding themselves up to any sort of standard at all and the entirety of Avalon is suffering as a result.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Mournsend, in the year 1286.