joining mages .

Apprentice Mage Sintoto Everyone

Well, young as i am, just out of nappys so my gran says, i am training to be a mage as most might know. however i have come across a situation where the guild, my guild the mages.

is only allowing a young, just out of the academy human to join by request only. Now i have been going through many a book in the library, put extensive hours in with my tutor

but cannot find the ways of joining. Is there one of knowledge there who can assist.

Also, some times the banks of mercain seem to be a little slow, when selling goods to my town, i cannot always sell nuggetsand the like.

One more thing, i wish to achieve my badges in the mages however we mages are few and there seems to be no expirenced mages so i sinto will have to carry the burdon of keeping the mages

and are principles alive. however some advice on how to get my badges will be of great help

Thank you the mage of mercain

Written by my hand on the 18th of Midwinter, in the year 1286.