Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

Typically we do not post about administrative/subscription matters but the

circumstances of a recent system glitch/breach and the repercussions demand

a public response.

Avalon has gone through a series of sweeping overhauls of its card processing

system - the previous one having worked happily and problem-free for over

17 years - and while we are now [touch wood] finished and updated and

bug-free on our new system, there were some oversights and bugs in the

overhaul (therefore the billing) process. This has led to some billing errors

and while I've spoken to some of you to resolve/refund, others may be

shy of approaching me (or e-mailing Do not be!

Let me make it perfectly clear: ANY and ALL billing queries, including

possible over-charges, should be informed IMMEDIATELY. We have been running

our subscription-and-procure charging model for two decades and take

pains to ensure it is seamless. Talk to Genesis if there is even the slightest

uncertainty about something you may have been billed, or e-mail to to receive a quick response and resolution. We have

the facility to void/credit any erroneous transaction and the credit tends

to refund in under 48 hours. Moreover, I have a policy of compensation in-game

for the inconvenience so it's doubly worth letting us know!

I'll take this opportunity to clarify a few points, to set down some facts

that'll remain the case for as long as we have our current service - hopefully

another 17 plus years:

Transactions (unless you pay via Paypal separately) will appear on your

card/account under the name AVALON PUBLICATIONS. The originating currency

will be US dollars. Nothing else is valid. At all.

Snooping, watching and any other eavesdropping is blocked for everything

relating to personal information. See HELP SECURITY for further info.

Avalon no longer holds full credit/debit card details online (an extra,

mandatory security measure). This means that while subscriptions and

standard procurement and PAYMENTs will work as normal, it will no longer

be possible to arrange a charge without you pro-actively entering the

data yourself. For most countries we now also require a match of postal or

zipcode with credit/debit card used, by way of extra security layer. Please

make sure your details are correct.

The \"intro offer\" or reduced price subscription will henceforth be the

default for newly created characters - and those currently enjoying its

benefits. Newly created seconds will now also enjoy \"intro offer\" unless

otherwise state, rather than defaulting to the full price. Read through

HELP SUBSCRIPTIONS for further information.

Finally, let me take this opportunity to apologise on behalf of Avalon

for any inconvenience caused by recent billing errors. I know how

annoying it can be, especially if a bank whacks on a bunch of extra

charges. If that has happened to you, btw, let me know. I'll make sure

you are duly compensated.

I'm entirely confident we now enter a long period of glitch-free, seamless

billing and subscription/purchase processing (like we had before). It's not

a facet of Avalon one likes to dwell on - a gap in one's immersion - but

needs must and I trust all of you reading this will take to heart what I've

said about not standing on ceremony about discussing with me ANY billing

issue so there's no stone left unturned and nothing left unresolved.

Written by my hand on the 7th of Agamnion, in the year 1285.