My neck

\"Twas most regrettable that your neck was severed\".....

Of course, how could I think that you did not regret your actions. Pah! For a start, you didn't sever my neck, you repeatedly performed some ritual which removed my mana until nought was left and I expired. You say that you feebled me due to looking for a key - this I can accept, but surely it is enough to create the ritual which does not allow one to leave the location and then feeble me for the key *without* harming me? In your attempts to get the key, you first obtained my sword, after which I was harmless (you had webbed me anyhow).

You go against all you seem to stand for, Urquoth. This was truly one of the most ignoble acts I have ever had the misfortune to witness, let alone be part of.

Kheldar, the Silken Seer