Your Emporer and his touchy wife

Lord Urquothto Everyone

Just because Helena wasnt receptive to my advances, is that any reason for Periam to attack me! I think not.....

Or conversely, if I am showing Klassi how to suceed in a quest for Periam and Blodwyn chooses to brand me an enemy of Thakria and order Periam to follow me, I think it is most apt that I defend myself, if not my honour.

As for you previous memo, re: your demise... Calladan and I were trying to recover waxes of the good folk of Avalon, and were interupted by your entry, believing a key would aid our search, we feebled you, but alas in the skirmish, twas most regrettable that your neck was severed... for this I apologise.

Lord Urquoth.