Oakwood's End.

Rhadamanthys, god of compassionto Everyone

Let it be know to all of Avalon that on 20th day of Midsummer 1277 did the villagers of Oakwood's End call out to me, Rhadamanthys, God of Compassion, to release them from the oppressive actions of their tyrannical dictator.

Long have the citizens of this peaceful village suffered needlessly under the brutal thumb of the suppressor Rynn whose sole motivatation was selfish personal glory. Long have the neighbors of this village dealt with the unreasonable demands of a demented lunatic.

The proper citizenry of oakwood's End have begged for my intervention and asked that I, the God of Compassion, provide my divine providence over this peaceful town. In response to their pleas, Rynn has been deposed as the leader of Oakwood's End, the unwelcome citizens who forced their way in have been removed, and all past enemies of this fair village have been granted amnesty.

From this day forth, the rightful citizens of this village are once again free to live without fear of repression or conquer. Until the good people of Oakwood's End decide upon which road their town will travel, I am their new regent and divine protector.

Rhadamanthys, God of Compassion

Written by my hand on the 14th of Ilmarael, in the year 1277.