The Long Night.

Il'Fedaykin Dunccan, Fiat Jyhaad Ruat Caelumto Everyone

The Long Night effects:

Health/Mana loss constant for all none cultists (most everyone in Avalon)

No spirit of light in Avalon, No Portals, Gates, Resurrections, Someone Remind me if Evoke Herbs need all 7? If so no Wurtfoil.

Bard skills: Bards lose 2 or 3 skillsets I know they lose dramatics but might lose music or songs too. I forget.

I believe Candescence is also affected. It's been so long I almost want it to go up so I can take it down again. Though last time we did it with the help of Zenichiro, funny that.

Anyway a Warrior is trying to put up the Long Night his actions are not sanctioned nor supported by our guild.

That being said I hope he succeeds where many have failed. It shows the true spirit of the warrior which is to fight against impossible adversity.

Oh and Borrak, we both know who your alternate is you made a little too many mistakes in the gemquest, if you don't think your . buddies Zooka, Jammond and company can manage to put it up then they are pretty worthless.

I'll be coming after you.

To all Druids, Animists and such please do not help any Cultists, I beseech you.

Thank You.

Dunccan Forever of the order of the Sun and The Moon even if Apollo cast me out eternally and locked me out of the quest.

Written by my hand on the 26th of Leaflost, in the year 1275.