And Lord Aethon about the Bards Guild.

With all due respect.

What have you done? I found out a few days ago that you kicked the entire BARDS guild out of mercinae? What have you done? Thakrian bards that's what I'm going to start seeing next.

I wanted to interview those people that were around but it seems it boils down to this. You got pissed off at a bard and you then expelled the guild to the Knightswood? Would it not have been better to assault bards with city troops and shape the guild into your own image?

This ... wow I'm trying not to be disrespectful... interesting decision. Please let us ancient bard lovers know why this happened. I killed minstrels for years and years and years hunting them slaughtering them making sure none of them found a home in Avalon. Kilthas was the last and in my presence he got Damocles to shut down the guild. Now bards are the whore of Avalon? The most beautiful and powerful skillset to be used by every Tom, DICK and Hary?

I didn't think anybody could do worse than alzheimage india, crone of no-where. I was wrong. nothing she ever did or didn't do is worse than Bards being a :\"neutral guild\" now. Might as well re-open Minstrels why not what's it matter anymore

What in the world did you do?


Wasn't I supposed to be the rash, impulsive, and reckless one?

Written by my hand on the 12th of Midsummer, in the year 1275.