Divine Gem Quest.

Thanatos, god of Deathto Everyone

After a long run of sands style bouts in a myriad of team-combinations, Salvador has rightfully won the Divine Moonstone through his leadership, consummate ability and resolve. He now possesses all the Divine powers that are gifted with the Divine Moonstone, along with being a true contender for the Ordination. Congratulations!

Catyrial, who came a close second, easily outperformed her weight as a vicious entity on the Battle Isle. For her superb display she received the runners-up prize - a true reflection of her effort and quality.

Clara also deserved praise, the unexpected (and last minute) black-horse of the finalists: Her well sprung and innovative thieving antics have granted her Legendary status among her profession and peers.

Well done to all of you that participated!

Lord Thanatos

Written by my hand on the 19th of Cloudburst, in the year 1275.