Your... spew.

Eudueria, Fiosaicheto Sir Dunccan, Crusader

It must be a cold day in the Underworld because I find myself posting in some sort of agreement with Tukar. But then the catalyst to said agreement -is- Dunccan, so I guess it's not that ridiculous after all.

First of all, I'm curious as to how you were elected, chosen or ordained as someone who got to decide how another person made their mark in Avalon. You sure as hell don't seem a bit shy about trying to shove your supposed marks down everybody else's throats, as evidenced by your incessant and repetitious recounting of your VERY MUCH PAST glories, so I'm forced to ask who the hell are you to insult and deride others for choosing a different path - one that does absolutely nothing to you, might I add - t

o contribute in their own ways? I'm sure you'll have the usual bluster and posture as an answer, but as I've no intention of contributing any further to the nausea caused by your most recent posts, I'll go ahead and answer my own question much more briefly than you seem to be able to - nobody.

Second of all, I take umbrage and insult at your cursing of the 'commswhore'. Do you curse at the commswhore when you get your meals free? How about when you bitch and moan about losing your (1,000,000th) eagle that you didn't pay for, didn't farm for, didn't do a fucking thing to get except snap your ungrateful and selfish fingers for? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say, 'No,' you didn't, because hey, as long as those 'commswhores' are pandering to the great and powerful Dunccan, then I guess

in your little world they're doing their job. I for one will -never- provide you with another commodities-based item without some sort of monetary compensation again, citymate or no, because frankly, you sound like a spoiled little child who just expects the bounties of the world to fall into his lap as he needs them, regardless of his respect for those bounties, or (NEWSFLASH!) the WORK it takes to generate them.

Finally, your use of the word 'abomination' in regards to my guild is, while quite impressive for a caveman, quite an insult, because you weren't around when the guild was re-founded, nor were you anywhere to be seen for a good chunk of time after that. You weren't Parrian, and on your (thankfully) infrequent sojourns into the world of Avalon during that time, all you did was farm citizens of Parrius as bodies to fall before your sword. Now that you've decided to publicly spout your drivel about how yo

u think the guild should be destroyed, I'm going to go ahead and publicly spout my own drivel about how I'm sickened and ashamed to have to call an arrogant, bigoted and selfish twit like you a citymate, despite your questionably 'illustrious' history.

Before your posts, I kind of felt sorry for you, old man. The world's not only passed you by, but mostly forgotten you. I felt sorry for you because I thought you'd been 'reduced' to begging for handouts so you could go running off to try to prove your value by bloodying your swords. Now I know better and I just feel sorry for you for being under such a serious set of delusions as to actually believe the shit that falls out of your own flapping lips.


Written by my hand on the 24th of Springflower, in the year 1274.