Fair Aphaia, Artisan of the Seato Everyone

Birth and death are part of the great cycle of life.

We've recently witnessed a lot of destruction. Springdale was razed to the ground, and Mercinae narrowly escaped a similar fate.

A new city may arise in Silverfalls and a new guild in Knightswood - both potentially interesting and exciting developments. All except those whose main delight is death and destruction should rejoice in these small green shoots and new beginnings. It shows the land is alive and not stagnating.

Only time will tell if either or both of these ventures will flounder and fail, or will rise to become vibrant entitities.

Who will the Freemason founders be?

Will they be weaklings with no loyalties to anywhere, Tukar's puppets, filling his shops with free potions and runes and dancing only when he pulls the strings?

Or will they be drawn from among the robust and energetic, seven strong souls brave enough to attempt to build a new guild in the face of inevitable opposition, willing to accept the hospitality of Knightswood to house their guild, but sure enough of their own strength and ideals to resist manipulation from outside their ranks?

Again, we shall have to wait and see.

Those in loremaster guilds are entitled to be dismayed by the emergence of the Freemasons. They may rightly feel disappointed or angry at their fellows who leave to found the new guild, as this could initially weaken the existing guilds.

Change usually brings both losses and gains. I think the profession as a whole will be enriched by a new guild, and I believe other loremaster guilds may also benefit in the longer term if they rise to the challenge of forging a clear identity for themselves. Any lazy, apathatic, loremaster guilds may well lose out. I shall weep no tears for them.

To those outside the loremaster profession, the new guild may bring benefits to you. I cannot see any way in which it will harm you.

Some may want to smash the guild for personal reasons or just because that is what they enjoy. I hope the majority of people in the land will respect the fact that, for varying reasons, a group of people desire to create and build something new.

Keep an open mind to growth and change and let the Freemasons have a chance to prove themselves...

Written by my hand on the 4th of Springflower, in the year 1274.