The Apostles Guild.

Darkling Ruthian, The first Apostleto Everyone

From ashes and rubble of war is born unto Avalon a new guild.

The Apostles Guild takes, as its start point, the surviving active members of the old Prophets guild. Those members, not active during this period of change will remain as Prophets until such time as they are able to turn their thoughts to their palantirs and see which path best suits them.

The Apostles Guild calls the fledgling city of Silverfalls its new home, though initially members from all cities will be considered. Under the guidance of Lord Cornelius, visions of this future will become clearer (check help Apostles for progress). Soon I hope the Apostles will cement their goals and ideals and that they shall let themselves be known to you all, not merely through their words, but also by their actions.

Darkling Ruthian, The first Apostle.

Written by my hand on the 10th of Hindyear, in the year 1272.