Mutual challenges.


First off I'd like to know why you can't issue a challenge BEFORE you jump someone, and not after you have nearly killed one that is half your size, or merely a worthy sparring partner. Second, I'd like to know why on earth you are poking mutual challenges that never has, nor will ever have, anything to do with you. Might it be cause you're afraid that we might actually improve while being slaughtered, or are you just that pathetic that you can't stand someone actually getting in a kill on you once in a while?

Your reasons for screwing up mercinae is one thing, but slaying people who have been actually trying to help you or tried talking to you to sort things out is like chewing off your own balls. You might manage it and think it's nice for a while, but it will leave a bloody mess and you might need them at a later time.

If you want a challenge, please issue, and I will fight you and die as many times as it takes me to get better than you. But if you keep jumping me without any reason, I will make sure to cut out your gut repeatedly with a rusty dagger when the time comes that I am able to. Just remember that those you're messing with never stay little and helpless forever.

- Zat, never broken a promise yet, and not planning to do so in the future...

Written by my hand on the 15th of Midwinter, in the year 1271.