Ran away crying? No actually I was just ignorant of your non-polite 'excuse' as pre-usual as you always seem to make excuses on killing me whether I am engaged in a challenge or not. Yes during this time, you acted retarded saying you were un-aware of the challenge, even though it happened during daylight and challenges are issued and seen throughout the realm so it is difficult to realize whether you are retarded or stupid, or even both!

Correction, you never apologize as the regulars in Avalon can probably account for you being selfish and only care about your own statistics, experience and reputation. You have attacked me on a regular basis whether I have been in a challenge, immediately removing guide-status, or have simply told you I am finished. Also, even Malia notified you that you have won, but it was not enough for you as if you wish for the smaller ones to perish and suffer since you are unable to handle the big guns and you

slew her 3+ times yesterday.

Perhaps it is time that you matured and maybe challenge those who oppose you, instead of killing them in a mutual challenge with NOT yourself.



- Patroclus -

Written by my hand on the 5th of Midwinter, in the year 1271.