Flag Quest.

Thanatos, god of Deathto Everyone

Last night a Flag Quest ( HELP FLAGQUEST) was held in two parts: The first, a trial to perfect the requirements for a fully-fledged and challenging Flag Quest. The second a grand result of the trial.

Thus the terms were set: Competitor status set for each participant ( HELP COMPETITORS), costing players no items/equipment or experience loss. None of the Animist or Druid profession allowed, as their innate nature is towards less combat-orientated ideals. Finally, team bases to be set out in the open, to reflect the teams confidence and ability.

The Black Team: Captain Dundee, Lelorax, Skulkarax, Patroclus, Skippie.

The White Team: Captain Erev, Goten, Astynax, Bayne, Vinicius

The Gold Team: Edgtho - such is the value of an Ordained spirit, that it fight alone.

What followed was a ferocious two hours of sheer intensity, as the teams clashed to attain the flags scattered across the realm, the bulk of which was displayed by the white team. Their captain Erev confidently holding their base and frantically raising the flags as Astynax was quick to utilise his mastered knowledge of the realm in capturing them as they dropped or fell into the hands of their enemies. Vinicius, appropriately known as the brute, imposed a heavy barrier of onslaught towards any that po

sed a threat, as Goten and Bayne did their part to fend off would-be flag getters.

The Black team unable to construct much of a united plan, though diligent and hopeful, fell short of raising the flags for any substantial time. Their every breath, however, constantly invested in hunting down the flags and team enemies.

Edgtho the only member of the Gold team, almost constantly fending off five enemies at once, put up a remarkable display. Prolonging the white team from succeeding, and multiple times started to raise all three flags at his own base at Path Entrance.

Alas, the organisation and finesse of the white team prevailed, and Erev successfully raised all three flags, winning the quest.

Thus for Parrius, I commend Astynax - overall excellence during the Flag Quest, Skippie - persistence and determination, and Erev - First time contender showed impressive confidence and ability in defending his base. Other Parrians include Bayne who did well to participate and served his team well.

For Mercinae, I commend Alarius - Captain during the trial Flag Quest gave a passionate performance, Lelorax - for his determination and vigilance, Skulkarax - embracing the impact of it all and improving as each moment went by.

For Thakria, I commend Vinicius - pure aggression towards those opposing his team, Cergaro - displaying innovation and intelligence during the trial Flag Quest to make an impact, Dundee - eagerness to get involved with the fury as well as getting flags, and Patroclus - his desire to hunt.

Silverfalls had no representatives.

Congratulations to all that took part, an excellent effort and a very successful flag quest.

Lord Thanatos.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Ilmarael, in the year 1269.