Complete Guide to Avalon.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

The Avalon Guide is progressing well - this being a comprehensive guide

to the game, a tutorial, etc. It's also more than half the content of the

'Great Book' which has been waiting for the guide to be complete. Rather

than release guide/greatbook without encompassing all the additions to the

game the past months, we chose to hold off and ensure it WAS something

not requiring endless new editions.

Check out HELP COMPLETE and you'll get a little blurb about the \"Guide\",

including some samples I've pulled out of it to try to convey something

of the contents. Your feedback is, as always, appreciated.

Those wanting to pick up a copy, it's purchased via the store (PROCURE FROM

STORE - and follow the process within). I'd be interested to hear, to me

directly, whether folks figure a hardbound or paperback version of the

\"Guide\" would be preferable (difference in price is about 15 dollars). The

'Great Book' is hardbound, expensive production, intended as a collectible

so not quite the same mandate. The \"Guide\" we can be more flexible about.

Written by my hand on the 4th of Eleuthral, in the year 1269.