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Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

The town (fledging city) of Silverfalls is now accessible to the world,

primarily via the east-west roadway between Greeny's Edge/Oakwood's End

and the central plains by the River Silverlight. You'll find a fork in the

road, a signpost, and three routes: northeast to Silverfalls over the

ruins of Springdale, east towards the Silverlight river, and southeast

in the direction of the Black Forest (now, of course, no longer within

any city's walls). Silverfalls - at this point - has no guildhouses,

naturally, and but a handful of shops but as per post 59 on the Treaties BB

it begins the long haul in an effort to construct a city. The stark reality

was a choice twixt this and the complete annihilation of Springdale and

all its surrounds; and a return to three-city Avalon. There is a 20 year

judgment period and this may yet be the denouement of Thakria's great

conquest. Time will tell.

HELP SILVERFALLS is updated and will be kept reasonably up-to-date with

current state of affairs in the would-be fourth city. You will notice

HELP GUILDS is rather shorter now as the former Springdale guildhouses were

destroyed. The guilds themselves, of course, continue to exist as

fraternities - the concepts/membership rolls cannot be eradicated by the

razing of bricks and mortar. Whether these guilds have a future in Silverfalls

or elsewhere will be up to their respective leaderships.

A final post on this matter, prior to the twenty year judgment being made

by those responsible, will be made in the next few days when the memorials

to thise conquest are put in place.

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Midwinter, in the year 1269.