No more Apples.

Firefighter Brightstar Bunny-Eared Animistto Everyone

There have been many casulties of the destruction of my beloved city of Springdale, the once thriving shops destroyed as well as temples and homes. People have left and I return every day to put out the fires. Today I went to my home, which was finally destroyed and behind it, the garden.

This garden contained a fabulous apple orchard, which produced over 500 apples a year, as well as other fruits such as plums, peaches and bananas. It had a marvelous herb garden with many beneficial herbs that I gave and sold to others.

Now it is rumble. Burnt beyond rebirthing. Another testament to the \"Power and Might of Thakria\" What a crock. You think true warriors would recognize the value of those things they stole, and appreciate it rich booty, but not these warriors.

Theirs is a conquest of oblivion. And they will reap what they sow in abundance.

May the Lord of Life have pity on their destruction of His handiwork. I also pity them, but cannot forgive.

Written by my hand on the 17th of Midsummer, in the year 1268.