Events and Shops.

Gahlahas de Drewry, Eternal Dreamerto Everyone

Greetings Avalonians,

This will be a two part post as I want to address a recent issue and also inform you all of our reacquired guild shop that is located two locations east and two locations north of Path's Entrance.

Since people get bored reading I'll just go ahead and throw this out first

Druid Guild Shop - 2 E, 2 N from PE

We sell everything! If you need something then let Belladonna or myself know.

Secondly, I want to address a recent action of a young Druidess.

The young magess, that had posted earlier, was in a forest using great consideration when selecting trees to fell to aide her in supplying her city or guild with commodities that are needed in the realm to grow in various aspects. She selected trees that she thought were old enough to aide her in her quest and used her tools to achieve her goal. This is appropriate to me.

Within the realm of the forest we are alerted to these deeds and it is up to us to investigate and decide if these are actions are done in malice. The young Druidess was alerted and went to the aide of the forest. I'm not exactly sure what happened in the location or what words were said, but the end result was the use of a skill given to us by Aldaron that was to be used as a LAST RESORT. In this situation it was uncalled for, unprovoked, and unacceptable.

The God's have punished the Druidess so our berating of the situation is over. I have spoken with the Young Druidess and I do believe with whole heart that her intentions were well met. Her choice in skill usage was way off, but she has a good heart and she wanted to protect the forest. So for the IDEAL I commend her.

Druidess Ewelyn has come up with great suggestions that might help Avalon in this process and benefit the woodland friends in their quest to protect the forest, Forest Rot! I'm not sure her complete idea behind it but it might be a positive forest event that would not cause disruption in the forest. However, and I'm not sure if the elder Avalonians remember, but wasn't there something that used to happen to trees years ago that did something similar, automatically?

Thank you for your time

Gahlahas, Eternal Dreamer

Written by my hand on the 27th of Skyelong, in the year 1266.