Admiral El Salvador, Tsorovan M'Haelto Everyone

Today, 6th Ilmarael, 1264 years ADW, I, on behalf of the city of Parrius make this offer to the city of Mercinae:

All Parrian troops, siegetowers, oilcauldrons and globestaves will withdraw from your eastern gate and desist any hostile action if citizen India of the Mages Guild is ejected from the city of Mercinae. As previously, India has proven herself to be defeatist, awkward and an obstacle to all who would make positive steps.

The city of Mercinae has until midnight (by the Avalon clock), of TUESDAY, AUGUST 3RD 2010 to consider this offer and present Parrius with an answer. If no decision is reached, or you elect to retain India as a citizen, the attack will recommence post-haste.

Consider wisely.


Written by my hand on the 6th of Ilmarael, in the year 1264.