Polite Notice.

Indiato Admiral El Salvador, Tsorovan M'Hael

After your successful campaign to subdue and conquer the Eastern Springdalian villages we in Mercinae can imagine that your troops got somewhat over enthusiastic in their celebrations and accidently stepped on to Mercinaen SOI within Knightswood.

As such and in order to keep the peace and maintain the bonds of friendship that have grown between our two cities in the last few years, we have stationed a small garrison within the Mercinaen SOI in Knightswood. These men should be more than capable of moving on any over exuberant Parrians who stray out of the Bars into Mercinaen SOI, spare flags in hand.

Whilst it is perhaps unusual to share the Governance of a village as we do in Knightswood, perhaps it is fitting given the village's patronage by Lord Proteus and the close relationship Parrius and Parrian citizens have forged with Mercinae and Mercinaen citizens over the last years of peace.



Written by my hand on the 3rd of Midwinter, in the year 1264.