Occupation and Tributes.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

Many of you will have noticed, and those who haven't can type AFFAIRS

to find out the land's state of military affairs, that the effect of

occupations and conquests of towns and villages have been

asssessed - as of 1st Midwinter 1262 (New Year's Day). This assessment

of tributes represents the POTENTIAL and is based on a variety

of factors, not least the size of those legions doing the

occupation of foreign territory.

There are no major tribute collections over the month of Midwinter,

and the collections of tributes levied begin in earnest from Eleuthral,

the second month of the year. They continue to Agamnion, the last

month of the year.

The collection of tributes levied depend in part on the continued

state of occupation, the legions kept in place in the various towns

and villages (to actually gather the taxed gold, commodities and

enlistable men) and any foreign opposition battling against them

as the Avalon months roll by. More guys in place, more likely to

actually gather the tribute potential listed in TRIBUTE <year>.

Final words: gold collection goes directly to the occupying city's

coffers, just like the gold gained from regular sphere. Commodities

taxed go to the inventory of the legions on the ground in the

specific town or village. Enlistable men gather around these

legions, waiting to be led 'home' to be enlisted into their chosen

military. This means the men will be vulnerable, the commodities

likewise. Be warned and be wary!

Written by my hand on the 24th of Midwinter, in the year 1262.