coral gem quest.

Proteus, god of the seato Everyone

I plan to quest my lovely coral gem on the weekend of June 19/20. Times will be announced as the date approaches.

As part of your preparations to participate, you should be aware that there is an entry fee.

All contestants must produce a work of art or literature with a theme of the sea to be admitted to the gem quest. It can be just about anything- songs, stories, poems, letters from sailors to their wives. You can create sculptures and paintings, room descriptions and even build sand castles. Submissions may be manifested in the land if I am suitably impressed. (See help format)

Of course, you can only employ and reference materials and abilities in existence.

Anyone wishing to submit a live performance should be sure to make arrangements for me to view it prior to the quest date. All other submissions may be mailed to me or submitted through my order members-Tukar and Aphaia are good options.

Knowing that talent greatly differs, only submissions appearing totally bereft of effort will result in being barred from the contest. So don't send a poem consisting of : The Sea. The End.

Those who have clearly made some effort may find themselves in more favourable placements however, so it can be worth your while to put time in.

Plagiarism will be harshly dealt with. (No Rime of the Ancient Mariner!) However, you can have another mortal create a work for you as long as that person is identified in the work and will acknowledge their creation. Of course, such a person will earn additional merit having had the excellence of their work recognized by their peers.

Deadline for submission will be Friday, June 18 so that I have a suitable period in which to enjoy your work before the contest begins.

More details as the date approaches

Proteus, god of the sea

Written by my hand on the 16th of Midwinter, in the year 1260.