Why Esprii should exit.

It would seem from the way a number of people talk about various OTHER persons on the BB and elsewhere that they have completely and totally lost sight of what Avalon is and what it is about. This is... wait for it... a role-playing game

Now, this in turns means that we, the players, are the Gandalfs, Frodos, Aragorns, Galadriels, Richard Rahls, Rand al'Thors, Nynaeves, and Samitsus of the 'story' we are writing every day. It ALSO means, that we (the same players!) are ALSO the Saurons, Nazgul, Darken Rahls, Forsaken, Dreadlords, and Morgoths of this world.

Now, maybe you missed it, but sometimes in these stories, the 'good guys' really pissed the 'bad guys' off. Sometimes the bad guys got really nasty and did all sorts of horrible things to the good guys. And SOMETIMES, the bad guys did something bad, not because they were mad or anything, but because they were the BAD GUYS.

You don't have to get why some of us like playing villains. You don't have to speculate on how this relates to our real lives, cause all too often your speculation is absurdly off the mark. What you DO need to realize is that... we are the bad guys, and as long as we exist we will make life miserable for people.

So yeah, make your choice, be a good guy, or a neutral guy, or a bad guy. Just remember, whatever you do here is 'in character' and people will react accordingly. And you don't have to agree with how we 'rp' our characters any more than we agree with you. You can be a peaceful, pacifistic herb picker. We can be homocidal and sociopathic killers. That's... -RP-

It's not so much what you want to be, it's what you do, every single day.

Written by my hand on the 21st of Leaflost, in the year 1257.