Free will.

We exist for eachother, Animist, because Avalon is a harsh land, and I am a cruel person.

A great part of the beauty of Avalon, I believe, is the amount of free choice we are given. Each person in Avalon is able to decide on a personal level who they want to be, and what they will stand for, without being shut out or persecuted on an administrative level. There are protections available, defenses to anything I can use against you, yet ultimately it is up to you to figure this out and protect yourself.

To all you who support Brighstar and see some truth or wisdom in her rampant postings, I'd like to make clear exactly what the situation is, here. Brightstar, despite speaking of little BUT me, has yet to ever speak TO me about my victimization of her. At every turn, in fact, she insults me behind my back and accuses me of anything which strikes her addled fancy.

I am a firm believer in consequences and responsibility. If you wish to be left in peace, as with anything else in life, sacrifices must be made. You either take your knocks, learn to protect yourself like the rest of the world, or learn some humility and stay below the radar.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Leaflost, in the year 1257.