Narl, Novity in Nimto Everyone

Yes, duellism is meant to be the entry time where a low to mid level persona is meant to learn the ropes of fighting and defence with a relative level of protection about them. However, this isn't the case, duellism is used by the useless moany types to hide behind. They obviously can type as Plaman observed because I read the endless diatribe of thier efforts on here, little less time moaning on the bb and a little more effort in building an eat tyrlar function might go a long way you eventually signi

ficantly contributing to the history. Very very rarely have i seen a duellist come off duellism to become part of the rolling combative history of Avalon. It seems to be a life choice of the weak. In addition to this how many of the top level fighters have ever been a duellist. You learn how to defend by being bent over and buggered over and over again. You learn nothing from sitting behind a molly coddled shell. Also now the Arena is in full swing to be utilized to learn how to fight and defend, stop

moaning and use it. If you want to hide behind a defensive shell and be a loud mouth then expect retribution in any form it comes.

Narly x

Written by my hand on the 7th of Midsummer, in the year 1257.