Dump DDW.

Buck Nekkid Aja, Greenwood Godivato Everyone

There is a very simple solution to this problem of duellism status and the related exploitations: Get rid of duellism.

Why does it even exist? As it's understood, people declaring themselves \"duellist\" are, for the most part, useless lumps of flesh except under a select few scenarios and mutual challenges. Aren't these individuals just as useless with the tried-and-true Divine Protection? No loopholes around it and there is no \"gray area\" to navigate. If the protected want to help defend their city/guild they can UNDANCE and do so. If said lump of flesh then wishes to actually fight someone - and possibly learn somethi

ng about combat in the process - they can do as the status title suggests by issuing a DUEL, still keeping protection. Or again, *gasp* drop Divine Protection.

This is a coddling, detrimental and unnecessary mechanism that doesn't really help anyone with anything except to give the lumps more to complain about. The only way to learn how to defend one's self, friends, city, guild or order is to actually be attacked. The only way to learn how to fight is to actually engage in combat with someone else. If duellism is going to stay with us, then I propose there be much stiffer penalties within the lump's city, guild and order (yes, all three) for using it.

Wishing Nekkidness unto you all,


Written by my hand on the 1st of Skyelong, in the year 1257.