My Departure.

Lightfingers Villious, Rassaphore of Deathto Everyone

It pains me to pen this but I must so take it for what it's worth.

Everyone knows that RL tends to trump our time in the land from time to time. I've come upon some things in the outer-realm completely unrelated to Avalon that I must attend to post-haste and as such, I'm departing Avalon indefinitely. I wanted to say a few words before I did so...

My enemies: Orinoko, Salvador, Gandalph, Vargo... the list goes on and on. I wanted to thank you for keeping me on my toes and keeping my ego in check. For some of you, I was never even a blip in the radar or and inkling of a challenge. But to me, you were all my motivation for what I did in the land as a Thief and a Thakrian. You lot were what made the land challenging and frustrating in that awesome kinda way... so thanks for that.

My Guild: I've been a Thief since day one. I'm a lifer. I can boast that I emptied EVERY Parrian shop in one Avalon day. I covertly infiltrated the Mercinaen government and returned the contents of every Mercinaen comm shed and the TC to Thakria. I've been the GM for a good long time now... and I loved every minute of it. Thank you to all my peers and most particularly Narl, Clara, and Narissa. Narl mentored me from day one and while I may not make him proud, I owe that grumpy son-of-a-bitch a LOT. Cl

ara, my sister in RP and my only true apprentice. Recent drama aside, you've served and continue to serve your Guild well. And finally Narissa, for allowing me entry into this elite organization. You will be missed.

My City: I served you loyally and faithfully and Thakria is now on the cusp of total domination. Stay your course. Slaughter your enemies and take their will to continue from them. Sonja, Achelous, Lamothe, Eldereth, Trakea and countless others trained me, raised me, and fought beside me for the might of Thakria. I will be with you in spirit.

My Order: Followers and servants of Lord Thanatos, God of Death. Our Order started small and remains a tight-knit Family. We've spread the might and influence of our Lord far and wide in a relatively short amount of time. Remember well His tenets of Excellence and Passion in all things and I look forward to the day I stand beside you in the Halls of His great temple. Athenia, Eldereth, and Zooka... my Brothers and Sister that were the Originals... be proud.

And finally, my wife Adaryn: We cast aside even the pantheon themselves at times and journeyed far to be together. You sacrificed so much for me that words cannot express. Care for our daughter and know you are in my heart and mind for all time. It is a shame that so many will never get to see the side of your personality that I have been privileged to experience. Don't let those who judge you get you down...

With that, I take my leave. I hope to one day return but should I never resurface, my true and honest thanks to all who make this land as vibrant and action packed as it is and will continue to be.....

-Lightfingers... Master Thief, Baron of Thakria, Rassaphore of Death, and general pain in the arse

Written by my hand on the 19th of Skyelong, in the year 1256.