Your Post.

A few remarks to make about that last post of yours.....

I really do find it rather insulting, but moreover, disappointing, that you fail to see beyond the actions of Esprii and categorise anyone seeking to indulge in combat as mentally diminished.

Far be it from me to decry the lifestyle you and yours have chosen, but I think that by now you would have at least put some time into learning how to defend yourself, rather than coming to the BB and lambasting the actions of fighters as some horrible travesty.

I can count on one hand the methods by which (at least those I can think of), one can bypass pacifism. Every one of those things, to even the heinously incompetent fighter, can be defended against or cured with little to no effort required.

This is in contrast to the hundreds if not thousands of little details and gobbets one has to remember if one wishes to engage in combat.

In short, I don't think it is at all necessary to make a post, which, incidentally, was almost unreadable, simply to complain about a few deaths and a bit of knocking around.

Pacifism is a lifestyle choice, rather than an instant defence to all death (assuming greater-than-lw competence in defence, of course, forgive me if my assumptions are over-reaching), and I strongly think that if you're going to take it, you should at least learn how to keep yourself alive so that at the very least we can all be spared indecipherable bb posts.

Take it on the chin and move on - the rest of us do.


Written by my hand on the 6th of Leaflost, in the year 1254.