Forgiveness For the Mentally Deranged.

Brightstar Leporidae, Bunny-Eared Healerto Everyone

After once again being hunted down and killed while assisting Viresse as she held her second brew of her Animistic career, I have decided to reflect on the mental well-being of She who repeatedly kills me.

This is a person who has no respect or regard for the Mantle of Pacifism, which is worn to show the World that here is someone who chooses not to fight, not because she is a coward, but because her regard and respect for life is so great, she does not wish to ever endanger or deny that life to anyone else.

Yet this woman, because of her own twisted beliefs that she alone she be in charge of who lives and who dies has killed me five times now as a Pacifist. As her post clearly states, she does it because she can, not because it serves any purpose than her own.

She is most selfish person who ever road the winds of Avalon. She mocks those who have destroyed her with their Animistic powers, as I have witnessed after one of her many attacks upon the forest itself and delights in taunting and torturing her victims.

There is truly not redeeming quality about her, that I can detect. Yet she possesses life. And because she does, I will not fight her.

To me, she is person to be pitied, as she is a fearless fighter and could channel that power and knowledge into helping the people of Avalon, instead of ceaselessly torturing and murderering them. That is why I believe Esprii is very disturbed individual, dangerous and untrust worthy, to be avoided and pitied for her grave affliction.

I will not stoop to retaliation, revenge or retribution, as those pursuits are not in my nature. As she stated her her goals, I hereby reinstate mine. To heal, help and nuture the forests and all who depend upon them. If I could heal Esprii's brokn mind, I would without hestitation. But as I believe also in the free will of every living being to choose their path, I accept that Esprii has chosen the path of destruction because of the state of her diseased mind. It is sad that she is ruled by mental il

lness, but as she is and there seems to be no end to her continual attacks upon those who serve a higher purpose, the only conclusion I can draw is avoidance.

I forgive you, Esprii and hope someday someone can heal your warped and evil mind, that you may use your marvelous abilities to build a better Avalon, not to keep tearing it down.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Hindyear, in the year 1254.