Elderethto Everyone

As Guildmaster to the Sorcerer PROFESSION i have decreed that the Necromancers are no longer fit to hold an army. Therefore, I have marched a mighty army upon my other guild property within goblin town, and have slaughtered the entire army.

Islas came and wept, Eudueria watched from a distance but seemed not to care enought to tear herself away from her important panning.

I have crippled the Necromancers ability to hold an army, their barracks are no more, and they are not to rebuild. Any attempts to rebuild or hold an army again will be directly against the orders of the guildmaster of your profession and I will treat you with no mercy.

Your army has been slaughtered, and your barracks razed to the ground. Do you wish to defy me any further?

Pathetic necromancers. I have brought death to hundreds of your soldiers, may the rest of you soon follow.

Eldereth, master of the sorcerer profession.

Written by my hand on the 28th of Mournsend, in the year 1254.