HELP ELEUTHRAL1254 - historical note.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

Those of you keen for an account of the Springdalian invasion of Parrius

this Eleuthral 1254, it has been logged permanently on HELP ELEUTHRAL1254

and, for the record, I have included the short narrative here on the

public BB:

Springdale launched an invasion against Parrius western gate during the month of Eleuthral 1254 after two Avalon years of mystical preparation. They chose their moment during a quiet period in the Parrian citizenry, while many slumbered, and launched a fullscale offensive against the gate fortifications - picking a uncharacteristic weakpoint and smashing through after a time. Some twenty thousand well-armed Springdalian legions stormed through the defensive Parrian troops and set foot in Chapman Square led by Orinoko and Elminster, while Kaprika in the ethereal winds lent crucial support. They were faced with a city floundering, reeling from the offensive, unable to marshall their troops and untutored in the ways of warfare. Parrius appeared in a doomed situation.

It was the Thakrian military commanders, Sonja and Achelous, who came to the rescue of the city of Parrius, while Esprii - keen to avoid Springdale achieving a victory and thereby strengthening its own military position vis-a-vis her own city - counteracted Kaprika in the winds. Sadly those handful of Parrians experienced in the art of war remained absent and Princess Orielle, unknowing and directionless despite her resolve, remained unable to act. Other Parrians with possible knowhow lacked the rank to command the Parrian troops though Athenia laboured long and hard as best she could.

It fell to Gwendolyn, a Parrian of ancient standing but little modern experience, to follow the instructions of Sonja and Achelous, to marshall the Parrian defence and almost singlehandedly arrange a frontline of Parrian legions across Chapman Square. The defenders were equipped, and with Thakrian guidance the counteroffensive was launched.

Thousands of Springdalians perished in the first assault as the Parrians, numerically superior and now led by a pro-active citizen and directed by well-skilled Thakrian savoir-faire. Orinoko and Elminster fought on for a while but as Rath of the Warriors assembled his guild legions and brought them towards the battlefield and Gwendolyn mustered further Parrians to swell the numbers at Chapman Square, the Springdale attack faltered. As Kaprika retired and Esprii gained the upper-hand, as Orinoko and Elminster were facing repeated strikes, personal and against their legions - the Parrian archers proved a mighty boon - the bugles sounded the order for retreat. Orinoko, Prince of Springdale and Elminster, its illustrious Field Marshall, gathered the remains of their invading force and backpedalled to their homeland, retiring behind the Springdale city walls and its mighty fortifications.

Springdale had lost many thousands but Parrius, because of early stage routing, suffered the greater number of casualties. The Thakrians commanders proved their military capabilities once again, and the Parrians were confronted with the realities of war; and the perils of knowing too little about the defence of their realm. Gwendolyn deserves great praise for keeping a level head and, under direction, assembling and directing the Parrian defence and counterattack. Parrius, in a state of political deadlock, could have lost a great deal more and the citizens should offer praise to the gods of fortune that - at least on this occasion - their failings were not more fatally punished.