We don't fight, that's the point.

Brightstar Leporidae, Bunny-Eared Healerto Everyone

I don't like Sajora. But I always listen to her. Sometimes she is very funny. And sometimes she is very right. And then sometimes, she misses the point altogether.

Animists are non-combantants because we cherish life. All life. That is why we heal those we don't agree with. They have life, they deserve to be healthy and use it to enrich the world they live in.

Trouble is, they want to live in world without us in it. Which is terribly frustrating, but when you deal with ignorance of our point of view on a daily basis, you get used to it.

So don't pity or scorn us Sajora. Or worry about us. We use our words to change the world our way. To bring understanding of how precious life is those who chose to dismiss the miracle of it.

Light the light shine in.

And Let it shine on the those dark minds who would extinquish it.

<and yes Let the light shine in. I'm not a writer. I'm a farmer>

Written by my hand on the 42th of Agamnion, in the year 1251.