You are of course, free to live your life in the lands however you see fit, but it is beyond me how you can possibly -not- understand why people doubt the loyalty of someone who hops around guilds/cities/orders to the extent that you do. The fact that you don't steal from these institutions when you get bored and move on is most certainly not an indication of your loyalty to them.

I am of the opinion, as many others are, that loyalty means you are reliable, trustworthy and devoted. That your allegiance is unswerving and that you wont up sticks and move on as soon as things don't go your way or the grass looks a little greener elsewhere.

India has all of these traits in bucketloads. Her dedication to Mercinae and its citizens has never wavered, even when she was humiliated by the Parrian Vice Regency and had everything she had earned within the city stripped from her. Sometimes people's priorities and ideals change and they do move on for their own reasons. India is not one of these people.

I would suggest that perhaps it is you, and not Herbie, who would benefit from some time with a dictionary.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Hindyear, in the year 1250.