I'm done with your drama.

This is what earned your probation.

Aja: \"Point out one area where I was \"bad management\". The *only* being in Avalon that had a problem with the way I ran the guild was Elmak. I was praised and complemented by god and mortal alike. Pity that after everything, you're still a two-faced, backstabbing cunt that let's the morons and liars lead you around by the nose. \"

Dislike me all you want but you do not get a free pass to be as verbally abusive as you want without consequences.

I decided to keep the probation on despite requests from other ranking rangers to kick you out until you realized that fighting and debating and being rude and hanging on the cross is not as important as working together for the guild. When I tried to tell you what our plans for the guild were going to be you were whatever reinstate me. This showed that you didn't give a crap about the guild and cared more about being the martyr.

I dont have the energy I did years ago to deal with this sort of drama day in and day out but it seems you still feast on it like oxygen. You are more interested in so and so said something unkind to me! then what our cubs are doing and how the Rangers guild is progressing. This showed me that you are not a good fit for the guild in your current mental state.

We even had an agreement that we would not be snarky to each other and I would reinstate your rank and that lasted 5 seconds total. You cant help being a jerk.

You dont bring enough pros to deal with the cons and would only act as a cancer at this point.

Written by my hand on the 1st of Mournsend, in the year 1249.