You're ridiculous!.

Back when you and I were on speaking terms the company you kept often came up in conversation. We always agreed on what a disreputable pile of scum your friends were. Frankly, I never understood why you kept them as friends. But what I found disturbing is how someone as seemingly intelligent as you would so easily accept what those scummy disreputable friends had to say. Instead of coming to me and discussing what was

really going on, you preferred to piss all over our relationship and take what they said at face value --

even when you *knew* they were lying.

Upon my return I find a post wherein you once again sling your catty nonsense at me. Pulling lies out of thin air, full-frontal disrespect and insults every chance you get. Then when I call you on it and give you the same treatment, I am demoted and put on probation without any discussion. \"You will stay on probation until I figure we can get along\", is what you told me afterwards. I replied, \"Until you can stop speaking to me and about me in the manner that you do, we will never get along\".

But even besmirching my good standing in the guild wasn't enough for you. I awaken a few days later, and again without any discussion, I am stripped of elder status and my loyalty to the guild is in question. And today after I give my support to your competitor in the ordination, I am outguilded. Not because of treason or theft. Not because of some egregious transgression against the guild. But because you lack the fortitude to withstand being disliked due to your own actions.

You're intent on playing the victim as if I'm acting arbitrarily. The reality is we are in this place by your doing and it is being perpetuated by your doing. Admit this -- if not to me then at least to yourself -- and own up to it. Then realize that I do what I do in retaliation to your doing. All that was really needed was for us to stay out of each other's fur. But you couldn't stop yourself from posting more fabricated shit about me. Funny bit is, I hadn't even been here and you still managed to co

me up with unfounded shit to post.

With that said, I do have one question: How is name-calling an offense that warrants demotion, probation, status stripping and outguilding? This isn't a rhetorical question. But I'm sure you won't have an answer other than \"Because I say so\". (By the by, that \"do as I say or else\" leadership style of yours doesn't really work on anyone). That you would use the guild as a weapon and your administrative powers in

retaliation for what is nothing but a personal dispute brilliantly illustrates what a vindictively petty, deeply neurotic, severely hypocritical and broken creature you have degenerated into.

Nekkid, free your crap and oh so glad about it,


Written by my hand on the 29th of Eleuthral, in the year 1249.