Falling and Apologising.

Lets deal with everything in order shall we.

The time you spent aiding me upon my return was much appreciated, as was the financial support

which you requested I repay to the guild account when able. I shall deposit twice what I was loaned forthwith.

I tried to keep my leaving of Lord Maedhros order a private matter but if you insist.

I left the order as I believed that there would be no benefit to Lord Maedhros or myself

in my staying. I left no messages of bad will and indeed there was no anger in my

leaving, just a sad realisation that I was no longer suited to an order which I have served for many years

in previous stints within the land.

When I was last within the land (albeit for a short period) I discovered that I could no longer return to the 'sacred place' as I was no longer in the position I once held.

This has of course not seen a sudden reversal since my return. I have been in the 'sacred place' just once at Elmak's unresistable request. I am sure he will vouch for the fact that I took nothing during this audience.

If you are wondering why I am going through all this after your apology, as you have stated that the Dragon of Sapience 'may' have been the culprit it seems that I 'may' still be a suspect in all this and thus this 'may' all still be necessary as I 'may' still have to clear my name.

But there you have it, it wasn't me. Had I wished to rob commodities however I would probably have chosen pacifism and loaded them into a cart with impunity before fleeing with them and awaiting your praise at my cunning and bravery.

What 'may' be a full humble apology is partially graciously accepted.


Written by my hand on the 21st of Agamnion, in the year 1248.