Completion of Sands Quest quarter-finals.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

The final sands elimination quests for the quarter-final phase of this

Ordination were completed today.

In the first contest, Kiarn, newly returned after a long absence took on

Tukar and acquitted herself with great honour to win through. In a uniquely

ignoble approach, Tukar attempted to use outside help to dodge Kiarn -

abusing the high priestly privileges granted by his patron, Proteus. This

'cheat' was ruled out and Tukar capitulated before the end of the contest,

bringing great shame on his supporters and his Order. Kiarn, on the

other hand, gave a credible performance and moved onto the next stage.

In order to bring numbers down to four, to commence the sands semi-finals,

the remaining five contenders were given the opportunity to volunteer for an

extra round. Kiarn and Salvador bravely stepped forward and contested a

relatively close eliminator. Kiarn, indeed, held the sands for most of the

hour but was defeated in the end by a combination of Salvador's innovation

and her own understandable rustiness (after so long away). Salvador

prevailed in the end but much kudos must go to Kiarn for making a credible

contest of it, particularly given her circumstances. She will contend

again if that is her future wish.

Thus we have our semi-finals: a final round of one versus one sands

elimination involving Orinoko, Salvador, Sajora and Edgtho. This will lead

into the Ordination itself - scheduled for next weekend SATURDAY 12TH OF

DECEMBER. The draw for the semi-finals will be made tomorrow and the

two semi-finals will be played out during the week. Good luck to all four

contenders. I think most will agree this foursome represent one of the most

exciting, unpredictable group of semi-finallists in Avalon history. Keep an

eye on the public forum and the News BB for further details.

Written by my hand on the 27th of Hindyear, in the year 1248.