Quest for the Divine Opal of Compassion.

Rhadamanthys, god of compassionto Everyone

Tonight we held the quest for the Divine Opal if Compassion that tested knowledge of Avalon geography through three series of races with five heats in each series.

Tukar dominated the first series, which had contestants racing to named locations, but Sajora and Zooka kept up the pace. In the second series, contestants sped to items within locations. Here, Zooka showed his own geography prowess winning 4 of the 5 heats. but Tukar and Sajora held their own. In final series, which had contestants racing to partical location descriptions, Zooka lost his pace while Tukar kept the press on to regain the lead.

Although Sajora gave him a run for his money, it was not enough to keep Tukar from winning the Opal of Compassion. Tukar now adds his name to the list of contenders for Ordination.

Congratulations Tukar!

Rhadamanthys, god of compassion

Written by my hand on the 14th of Springflower, in the year 1247.