The quest for the divine Onyx of Forest.

Telemachus, demi-god Wisdom and Justiceto Everyone

In an impromptu quest for the divine Onyx of Forest, many contenders entered in hopes of winning this gem. The first task was to find several locations in the forests, based on a part of the description. Early on it was Mithrandil who seemed quite knowledgable of the forests. But Sajora was not to be left out and ended strong. At the end only 5 were able to score any points, with Mithrandil first and Sajora second.

This then led to a sands tournament, of which Mithrandil, Sajora and Salvador took part, with help from the other contesters, and some not. Each was able to choose their team, though Sajora had help from the other two scoring from the first phase Ithikil and Flagg. Early on, Sajora had the sand until Salvador was able to wrest it from her team. He then had it the majority of the time, until Zooka helping Sajora got it away, until he lost it trying to escape. Then, with time running out Mithran

dil made an attempt to get the sand from Salvador, killing him a second after time ended. What a finish!

Congratulations to Salvador for winning the gem, and to Sajora and Mithrandil who gave their best, and to all others who participated in the momentous event.

Written by my hand on the 1st of Cloudburst, in the year 1247.